Israel Halpern

Israel Halpern

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Israel Halpern lives on a working farm in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Currently he is working on a full-length book of his poetry. He hosts a TV show in New York City (channels 34/35 and 56/57), called “PoetryTV,” which has been on cable television for the last ten years. His work has been published in various literary publications since 1965 here and abroad. Among the list of publications are: Beyond Baroque, California Literary Quarterly, Electrum, Northwestern Press, Bucks County Writer, Freshet, L.A. Times, San Francisco Oracle, Third Rail, and others. He has worked his way around most of the world, including Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia, working as journalist, filmmaker, editor, and carpenter

Works by Israel Halpern

Nulla Dies Sine Linea

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